image 1 - What is Digital Marketing, and what are its Benefits?

What is Digital Marketing, and what are its Benefits?

(1) Digital marketing is the process through which an organization can promote its goods, services and grow the brand. A few ways to become successful in digital marketing is explained below: Web Design – A great experience for the users who visit the website of the organization plays a significant role in digital marketing. Owning […]
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image 10 - How to connect Xbox controller to PC

How to connect Xbox controller to PC

First of all, the question which everybody asks is that can we connect our wireless Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller/ joystick to a PC or a laptop to play games. Answer: The answer is YES and NO. For Yes, you can connect and play games on your PC with Xbox 360 / One controller […]
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How to JTAG an Xbox 360 ?

First of all if you want to install and play pirated (copyright) games on your Xbox 360 from a USB pendrive or an external hard drive you must have a modified Xbox. For this you should have a JTAG or RGH modified Xbox 360 in order to install and play pirated games on your Xbox 360. What is a JTAG Xbox […]
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Create CASIO fx-100MS Scientific Calculator in HTML & CSS

Scientific Calculator CODE: <html>    <head> <title> CASIO Scientific Calculator fx-100MS </title> <style> .title { margin-bottom: 10px; padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px; font-size: 20px; font-weight:bold; text-align:center; width: 500px; background-color:black; color:white; border: solid black 2px; } #grayBtn { width: 100%; height: 40px; font-size: 30px; background-color:gray; color: white; border: solid black 2px; width:96px } #blackBtn { width: […]
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What to Do Before Rooting your Android Smartphone?

You might be thinking of Rooting your precious Android Smartphone just to make sure it works better than ever before. You would love to make all the customizations on your device that you just saw on someone’s phone! Don’t be confused with Rooting. Learn to Love your phone and root it the best way possible. […]
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Root your Android Device Step by Step Guide

How to Root any of your Android Device Smart Phones, Tablets etc You always worried and wanted to know that how to root your android device. Well let me tell you that you are surprisingly at the exact and right spot. Just thoroughly read the complete article and then you will let to know to […]
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What is Rooting ?

Rooting means gaining root access to your device. When you take your phone out of the box, while there are plenty of settings you can tweak, you can only alter what the manufacturer allows you to. By gaining your root access you can modify the device’s software on the very deepest level. It takes a […]
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image - How to Download free PS4 Games

How to Download free PS4 Games

So, you want to download free games for your PlayStation 4 ? If Yes, then you are at the right place. There are many websites on internet for downloading free consoles and computers games. But 90% of them are scam and fraud websites. Mostly of them have corrupted game files containing malwares & viruses which […]
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Create Professional GPA/CGPA Calculator in HTML & CSS

GPA Calculator CODE: <!DOCTYPE html> <!– For HTML 5 –>   <html lang=”en”>   <head>   <title>Calculate GPA</title>   <meta charset=”utf-8″/>   <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″   <!– Added style for the html content –>   <style type=”text/css”>   table {   width:100%;   border-collapse:separate;   border-spacing: 0 1em;   }   tr {   […]
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