How to JTAG an Xbox 360 ?

First of all if you want to install and play pirated (copyright) games on your Xbox 360 from a USB pendrive or an external hard drive you must have a modified Xbox. For this you should have a JTAG or RGH modified Xbox 360 in order to install and play pirated games on your Xbox 360.

What is a JTAG Xbox 360:

An RGH / JTAG Xbox 360 is modified with a JTAG chip and is capable of playing pirated games. This chip bypasses the Xbox 360 security check and verification method in order to play copyright games. An RGH / JTAG Xbox also requires to install a software called as XEXmenu, A user interface which is used to install and play all the copyright and pirated games.

What is Xexmenu:

XEXMenu is a file manager / FTP server / dashboard for the Xbox 360, it can launch for XEX Homebrew, Games, Apps and Emulators from a USB drive, Internal hard drive or even a DVD.

xex menu xbox360 jtag rgh png - How to JTAG an Xbox 360 ?

XEXMenu has two different versions, which can be incredibly useful for different situations.

The ISO version of XEX Menu is useful for people with new Jtag or RGH Xbox 360 consoles. You can burn the ISO of XEX Menu to a CD or DVD and place it in the Xbox 360. You can then load XEX Menu directly from the dashboard, giving you FTP access to the Jtag or RGH hacked Xbox 360. In addition you also have access to install content from a FAT32 formatted USB hard drive.

XEX Menu allows you to copy content to a USB hard drive using a computer and then load that content on the Xbox 360, this is an advantage for people who don’t wish to use special tools to gain access to the Xbox 360’s unique FATX file system.

The ISO of XEX Menu is also handy in helping newbies to the Xbox Scene in launching the installers for Dash launch after updating your console, allowing you to quickly restore the Xbox 360’s ability to boot in to a replacement dashboard, such as FreeStyle Dashboard.

The Live version of XEX Menu can be injected in to an Xbox 360 formatted USB stick using tools such as Party Buffalo Drive Explorer or even copied across from a USB hard drive to the internal hard drive when used with the ISO version of XEX Menu, allowing XEX Menu to be used without a disc in the Xbox 360 console.

Download Xexmenu:

Download XEX Menu 1.1 (ISO) -Unzip and burn the ISO to disc, XEX Menu will then appear under the Games / Demos tab on the dashboard.
Download XEX Menu 1.1 (Live / XEX) – Unzip and inject in to an Xbox 360 formatted usb memory stick, it will then appear under the Games / Demos tab on the dashboard.

JTAG Chip:

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Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) is an industry standard devised for testing printed circuit boards (PCBs) using boundary scan and was designed to quickly and easily test PCBs coming off a manufacturing assembly line. JTAG Forensics is a process that uses that same process and involves connecting the the Test Access Ports (TAPs) on a PCB via solder, molex or jig and then uses a supported JTAG Box (Riff, Z3X, ATF, etc.) to instruct the processor to acquire the raw data stored on the connected memory chip to get a full physical image from the device. This process is non-destructive to the phone.

Specifications of JTAG chip:

– Cool Runner Rev C for Xbox 360 console
– Improved Circuit to Boost Glitch Times
– Added Enable/Disable For DemoN
– Added RGH2 Support
– Enable/Disable C15 (RGH2)
– Enable/Disable 10 Ohm (RGH2)
– Enable/Disable 100nF (For Problem Jaspers)
– Works with both Phat and Slim in one device
– Optimized timing for each motherboard version
– Compatible with all kernel versions
– Easy programming via JTAG or Nand X
– Power LED
– Reset Cycle LED
– Easy Install (7 Wires Slim, 6 Wires Phat – Includes Both Sets)
– Powered by CK3 Lite, CK3 Pro or CK3i for LPT JTAG Programming
– Works perfectly with the world famous Xecuter NAND-X & Xecuter J-R Programmer
– Compatible with both Phat and slim version

Now Let’s JTAG (MOD) your XBOX 360 

Things you will need

  • USB Xplorer

  • XeX Loader

  • USB Pen Drive

  • PC or Laptop

  • and finally an Xbox 360 


Lets Start

  1. Start your Xbox 360.
  2. And plug-in USB drive.
  3. In Xbox 360 >> Go to “System Settings” on your console and choose “Memory Devices.” Then copy your gamer profile to your USB flash drive.
  4. Remove the USB drive from Xbox. 
Step 2:
  1. Now in your PC or Laptop download, install and run USB Xplorer and XeX Loader.
  2. And plug-in USB drive into PC.
  3. Open USB Xplorer and select “File,” followed by “Open Device.”
  4. Choose your USB and search for your gamer profile under E0000.
  5. And save it.
  6. Run XeX loader and open “My XeX Files.” Open your profile and select “Inject XeX Files.” 
  7. Go back to USB Xplorer and search for your profile again. Then Select it.
  8. Now choose “Inject” and select the profile you previously injected the XeX files into. 
  9. Then select “0” and click delete.