What to Do Before Rooting your Android Smartphone?

You might be thinking of Rooting your precious Android Smartphone just to make sure it works better than ever before. You would love to make all the customizations on your device that you just saw on someone’s phone! Don’t be confused with Rooting. Learn to Love your phone and root it the best way possible.

We have Tried to jot down a few stuffs or Precautions to take care of before
rooting your Smartphone. Some of them might sound foolish, some might sound
creepy, but trust me. When you have your precious smartphone at stake, you
won’t wanna take any risks , right? 🙂
The mentioned Points are mostly Based on my own Experience. Not many of them
require detailed information. I would try to be as descriptive as possible.

Things to Do Before Rooting Android Phones

1) Before Rooting, Make sure your Firmware or Build Version is
. You might get frustrated while trying to root a device which
cannot be rooted with the installed Firmware.


2) In some cases, you might need to Downgrade or Upgrade your Firmware using Odin, Flashtool or other such tools. Make sure you follow a responsible tutorial while working with firmware.


3) Never fear of Bricking your phone. I believe that the chances of Bricking are only 0.01% (If you follow all the instructions carefully from a
responsible Blog).


4) Do not refer to Rooting Tutorials set up on small, spammy blogs.
You might end up destroying your Smartphone.


5) Do not attempt to root or flash anything using
Recovery  if you have Battery charge below 75%. It is always recommend to fully 
charge you Device to 100% before performing any magical tricks to your phone.


6) Do not use old, corrupted SD Cards while using recovery. Try the SD card on some other device to make sure it works perfectly.


7) Do not Force attempt to root your device or install a custom rom that is designed for other Phones. This might increase the chances of bricking!


8) Install all necessary Drivers on your computer before trying any root method.


9) Close or Shutdown any Antivirus or Firewall service on your computer or Mobile phone while attempting to root as they might interfere with the process.


10) Always keep a Nandroid backup handy just incase you encounter a bootloop or Force- Closes.


11) The Best solution to Force Closes is using the “Fix Permission” in
the Recovery. (Sorry I am Drifting away from the topic :P)


12) Do not try to solve all your problems or Doubts by yourselves. Even the smartest person on earth can have the silliest doubt. Feel free to ask us or the people at XDA. We would try our best to help you ASAP.


13) Make a full research for Rooting your specific device before attempting to root. You might face an unwanted situation if you are not prepared!


Make a Backup of Everything you can before Rooting. Copy your media, contacts, messages and pictures on your computer to make sure you do not loose them later. I would recommend using Wondershare Mobilego for
 to make these Backup Before rooting.