Python Learning Week 11

Mini Project: Adversarial Search or Playing Games with Python


Game name: Tic Tac Toe (Using: The Minimax Algorithm)

Adversarial Search
  • Examine the problems that arise when we try to plan ahead in a world where other agents are planning against us.
  •  A good example is in board games.
  • Adversarial games, while much studied in AI, are a small part of game theory in economics.
Typical AI assumptions
  • Two agents whose actions alternate
  • Utility values for each agent are the opposite of the
  • creates the adversarial situation
  • Fully observable environments
  • In game theory terms: Zero-sum games of perfect
  • We’ll relax these assumptions later.

Search versus Games

  • Search – no adversary 
  • Solution is (heuristic) method for finding goal 
  • Heuristic techniques can find optimal solution
  • Evaluation function: estimate of cost from start to goal through given node
  • Examples: path planning, scheduling activities
  • Games – adversary 
  • Solution is strategy (strategy specifies move for every possible opponent
  • Optimality depends on opponent. Why?
  •  Time limits force an approximate solution 
  • Evaluation function: evaluate “goodness” of game position 
  • Examples: chess, checkers, Othello, backgammon 

Types of Games


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Game Setup

1. Two players: MAX and MIN


2. MAX moves first and they take turns until the game is over 

  • Winner gets award, loser gets penalty.

3. Games as search:

  • Initial state: e.g. board configuration of chess 
  • Successor function: list of (move, state) pairs specifying legal moves.
  •  Terminal test: Is the game finished?
  •  Utility function: Gives numerical value of terminal states. E.g. win (+1), lose
    (-1) and draw (0) in tic-tac-toe or chess 

4. MAX uses search tree to determine next move. 


Size of search trees 

  1. b = branching factor
  2. d = number of moves by both players
  3. Search tree is O(bd)
  1. b ~ 35
  2. D ~100
  3. – search tree is ~ 10 154 (!!)
  4. – completely impractical to search this
Game-playing emphasizes being able to make optimal decisions in a finite amount of time
  1. Somewhat realistic as a model of a real-world agent
  2. Even if games themselves are artificial 

Partial Game Tree for Tic-Tac-Toe
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