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Bakugan: Defenders of the Core is a multi-console action-adventure game released in 2010. Despite its title, it is based on Bakugan: New Vestroia. It was released for the DS, Wii, PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core will bring gamers into a fast binding action adventure to save the Earth and New Vestroia from Zenoheld, Spectra, and their Vexos minions.

The game follows a separate story arc from the anime, in which the Resistance must protect Earth from a furious assault by the Vexos who are slowly taking over in order to destroy all of the Resistance’s havens and Drago who contains the Perfect Core that the Vexos are searching for.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a 2009 video game based on the anime series of the same name. The game was developed by NOW Production and published by Activision for the PlayStation 3PlayStation 2Xbox 360Nintendo DS, and Wii.

One day the player’s character meets Dan Kuso, one of the Battle Brawlers, who teaches him the rules in a fight against Shuji. (In the DS version, you get a Pyrus Serpenoid to start off with. In all other versions, you get a Serpenoid, a Juggernoid, and a Saurus that match the attribute—Pyrus, Darkus, Haos, Aquos, Ventus, or Subterra—you chose at the start of the game.) After going to the local store and meeting Alice, who suggests the player should battle with other brawlers in the park to earn BP (Bakugan Points, the game’s currency) a strange Bakugan called Leonidas gets teleported to the park, who is now the new best friend of the player. (Leonidas’s attribute depends on what attribute you chose.) Leonidas is an unknown and aggressive Bakugan born from all the anger and hatred of all the Bakugan trapped in the Doom Dimension. In several fights, the player will meet a lot of people but at the same time a Darkus user, named Marduk, desires to rule over all Bakugan together with Vladitor, another Bakugan that suddenly appears.