How To

[2020] Backup Complete WordPress Site to Computer

WordPress is a very popular content management website (CMS). It is very popular

because of its very easy to develop. Within a few hours, You can really make the website of your choice that too with attractive themes and plugin. 

At the same time there is great responsibility comes with this to back up the WordPress website for security purpose and for data recovery and website recovery purpose. Below is some good plan we can implement for backing up the WordPress website.

1) Always make more than two copies of the most important files.

2) Once your WordPress website stable backup everything of your website. So that one

working stable copy of your website is always ready.

3) Try to backup your WordPress website code on the cloud, Today in the market many cloud provider offering very cheap cloud storage solution. So we can back up our website on clouds such as AWS S3 Google cloud storage or Azure blob storage. So that we can not lose data at any cost.

4) AWS offers 12-month free aws account with some GB storage on AWS S3.We can make take this opportunity to store a backup for free.

5) Always keep one copy of your WordPress website to your personal storage for disaster recovery etc.